Trial Information and Rules

These sanctioned trials are held under RATS! Canada rules and regulations. All events are RATS! Canada recognized and approved. Rules and regulations are available on the RATS! Canada Website. A hard copy will be available at the secretary’s table for consultation during the event. All dogs must be kept in an X-pen, crate or on a leash when not in the ring. Any dog engaging in aggressive behaviour at any time will be required to leave the trial venue. In such cases, no refund of fees will be paid.


– The running order will be made up in advance. You are expected to be present at the secretary’s table, or nearby, at the time you are scheduled to run. If you are not present for your scheduled runs, you will be bumped to the end of the running order for that class, and you will miss your turn if you are not available by the time volunteers are ready to build the ring for the next event. The ring will close and a judge will leave at the announced time. It will not be possible to credit the missed run for another event or day. A ‘judge’s briefing’ will be given to the class, as usual.

The registration table will be manned throughout the day.

– If you run more than one dog in the same class, the running order will allow for at least 1 other dog between each dog, so that you have time to reward your dog and get the next dog ready.

– No choke, prong or electric collars are permitted within proximity of the ring.

– Elimination in the ring is cause for disqualification and a $10 fee will be charged to the handler for each soiled bale that must be removed from the ring.

– Dogs that are entered in a sanctioned event cannot run FEO or a fun run before their

sanctioned run and can do one FEO run per event AFTER their sanctioned run only. Failing to

respect this rule leads to disqualification for all events offered for the day, with no refunds


Entries must be received by March 29, 2024, no late registrations will be accepted. Only electronic entries accompanied by e-transfer will be accepted. Entries may be taken the day of trial if the event is not full. In trial move-ups will be allowed if time permits. Any changes to entries, including cancellations, will be accepted until the closing date. Changes must be made to the Secretary by e-mail at [email protected]. Cancellations received after the closing date will not be eligible for a refund of fees unless accompanied by a veterinary certificate. All cancellations are subject to a 15% administration fee.

Check-In will be from 9:30 a.m. for the morning classes. First dog in the ring at 10:15 a.m.

 Awards Dogs that qualify will receive a flat Q ribbon for each Qualifying run. Dogs will be judged in their specific breed group as determined by the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC). For the mixed breeds, the owner chooses the most representative group depending on their dog’s attributes. A judge may reassign your dog if the choice of breed is considered truly unfitting. A judge can also help you in choosing the best-suited group for your mixed-breed dog if you are unsure. Puppies will all be in the same group for placements. The top 3 group placements will be awarded a flat ribbon.

INSTINCT TITLE: The Barn Ratting or Brush Hunt Instinct Title will be granted to novice dogs who qualify in one of their first two runs ever in each discipline. Dogs earning the Instinct Title will receive a rosette.

TITLES: Dogs achieving a title will receive a rosette.

Trial Grounds The trials will be held indoors at 4U Farms Dog Sports Training facility. Crating will be permitted in the building at a distance from the ring and will be assigned upon arrival. Dogs will need to be on their best behavior and keep the noise level to a minimum. If you feel that your dog will need extra attention we can accommodate to a certain point. If after accommodations the dog still needs attention, we may ask that the dog be crated in the car. There are plenty of local restaurants nearby to accommodate your needs as well as a pet store to accommodate your dog’s needs.  Back by popular demand, there will be a photo area as well as a photographer. Take advantage of it by joining your dog in the picture and don’t forget to smile.

 Notice to Competitors

Competitors, through submission of an entry, acknowledge that they are knowledgeable of RATS! Canada rules and regulations include but are not limited to the following rules regarding entry:

● All dogs must be registered with RATS! Canada to compete for qualifying legs and placements. It is your responsibility to obtain a RATS! Canada Dog ID number, prior to the trial. If you do not have a RATS! Canada number you must obtain one from Rats! Canada by the trial date for your runs to be counted.

● This trial is open to all dogs being at least 3 months of age, including purebred and non-purebred, except dogs with injuries or illnesses that may cause the dog pain or great discomfort, or dogs exhibiting signs of aggression that threaten the safety of other dogs or humans.

● Bitches in season (BIS) will be eligible to compete at this event but notice must be given to the event Secretary at least 2 days prior to the trial so that separate crating space can be prepared.

● Physically challenged dogs are allowed and encouraged to compete. The dogs must not show evidence of being in pain or discomfort. The judge shall excuse any dog that shows evidence of pain or discomfort.

● Nature calls (for the dog) in the ring are a disqualifying matter but the clock keeps running! If the dog is wearing a belly band or pants from which nothing escapes, the dog will not be disqualified. A $10 fee per bale will be charged to the handler in order to replace any bales soiled.

● Safety shall always be of foremost consideration at all times. Handlers, through entry at this event, accept full responsibility for themselves and the actions of their dog(s).

● The organizing committee may refuse any entry or access for any reason.

● Please note that the trial location IS NOT FULLY ACCESSIBLE, as the bathroom may not be suitable for all wheelchair users.

● THERE SHALL BE NO REFUND without a veterinary certificate for entries withdrawn after the closing date or in the event a dog and/or handler are dismissed from the competition,

regardless of the reason for such dismissal.

● All dogs shall be presented at ringside in a flat buckle or snap collar, plain harness, or properly fitted martingale (limited slip) collar. NO choke collars, prong collars, or shock collars are allowed at the ringside or in the ring. A properly fitted martingale collar should be barely larger than the circumference of the dog’s neck when fully tightened.

● Upon successful completion of an exercise, the owner may choose to briefly pet or touch the dog as a reward, but no treats, toys or accessories can be used in the ring.

● Dogs must remain under control at all times, whether on or off leash while on show grounds, including when a rat tube is found. Carelessness, excessive biting, pawing or shaking will lead to disqualification.

● You must pick up after your dog and yourself.

Have fun!