***We only offer to board dogs that have come to at least one day of daycare or a private consultation.

We only board large dogs or guardian breeds if they have come to the farm for multiple daycare days before

and are kennel trained.

Grooming can be added to their stay before they go home.

We are a very small kennel and want to make sure you and your dog are a match for our program.

We strive to have a very quiet and stress-free stay while the dogs are on the farm.

We provide lots of exercise and enrichment to dogs in our care.

We are a family run business so we ask that our clients respect our time.

We do not have a drop-off or pick-up on weekends and appreciate giving a clear drop-off and pick-up time.

We have large 10 x 12 rooms available , or 5 x 5

You can provide blankets and a bed if your choose. You must bring your dog food and instructions in a plastic

sealable container. NO FULL Bags of dog food please, measure out the amount they are going to need and a little extra for treats.